A 2013 USA Today article said that almost 15% of Chicago commuters endure a daily mega-commute of one hour or more.  As a shift worker, my off-peak commute is just shy of that mark.

I don’t endure road ragers, cramped buses or over packed train cars. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  My commute is practically soothing and allows me time to prepare for or calm down after my day.


I intentionally use public transportation because of the financial savings, but more importantly because of the free time it gives me.  I have time to provide content to my blog, or catch up with @toloveandlucy and @zeb64 blogs.  I can even choose to enjoy the musings of Mike Pesca or other favorite podcasts.

Free time is excruciatingly difficult to find, yet by changing my attitude towards commuting.

 I’ve created “ME” time and a pocket of zen in my day.  

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