Whew, what a year it was and is …

2020, such a mess … Pandamic, Australian Brushfires, Kobe, Trump, Murder Hornets, California Wildfires, RBG, Van Halen and Biden, each one of these is a blog post unto itself. While I was not an active participant in all of these events, I felt I was an active participant in each and every event. The US election alone, #geez, oh and the #impeachment, oh and …

2021, kick a man when he’s down … my mom had a few (mild?) strokes and it has upended my entire family. She can’t live on her own and return to her independent life, so she’s moved in with us. My wife and children have been unbelievably supportive of me and her during this time. It’s mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and creatively exhausting. All of this is terrible, she is on the mend, continuing with speech, occupational and physical therapies and the results are encouraging.

I am just going through the paces trying to keep my nose above the frozen waves, doing my best at my job, with my parental and family responsibilities too.

Insomnia is wretched and inconsistent. Exclusive of snow shoveling and ice scraping, the weather has been preventative for my ability to exercise or even walk.


It feels good to be able to write this, to share this, to create and feel creative. I’d like to write some more here, I’d like to edit what this is … I’ve just to publish it because I’ll get stuck in paralysis.




One thought on “Whew, what a year it was and is …

  1. Missed this posting. I hope your mom is dong well. It’s summer, life has bloomed again and virtually no one is wearing a mask. It is like the pandemic never actually happened. Still a bit scary if you ask me. It is amazing how one year to the next can be so different. I’m optimistic about our future and hope you and your family are well and happy. HanginThere is right! Faith Eric, just a little faith.


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