Does Voting Matter?

In today’s complex and complicated world of technology and the mistrust of citizens and government, does voting really matter?

My answer is Yes, yes it does!

Civic Duty and Pride
Civic Duty and Pride

Voting matters because it gives us free expression without retribution! It is our civic duty and our right. If you do not exercise your rights, you will certainly loose them.

I have a behind the scenes job for a broadcast media outlet, my choices and actions have a direct output on what you see on television.  Just like being a citizen, we all are behind the scenes of these United States.  It is up to us make the best choices for what matters to us.

It is our duty to stay informed on topics that interest us, we must formulate opinions’ when it comes to Election Day. Then it is our job, our duty to act!  To make the best choice and then exercise our civic duty to accept suffrage and it’s outcome!

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