Use Writers Block Tools to Unlock Life Blocks

Writers Block is the New Life Block
Writers Block is the New Life Block

People who are writers sometimes get stuck with how or what to write, or even how to continue what they’ve begun.  Over the years, writers have developed tools to help them deal with and overcome this predicament called writers block.  Of all of the tools I’ve found on the internet and from personal experience, I’ve found that just writing through it is the answer.  Don’t worry whether its good, don’t second guess, don’t fret, just write.

I think this is true regarding life in general; especially for the shift worker.  I am a second shifter and suffer from sleep deprivation, and therefore I am more susceptible to creative or life blocks that can prevent progress.  How do I bust through life’s blocks with tools that overpower writers block?  Easy, instead or physically writing, I just live.  That’s right, if I’m writing my life, I need to take a deep breath and live.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

When it feels like I’m underperforming or overwhelmed with life, that’s an internal cue that I’m blocked.  One tool for overcoming writers block suggests going for a walk.  Use the time to clear your head and walk away from the task at hand, and your keyboard.  I suggest doing the same thing for life, walk away from life’s computer screen and use your senses to become aware of the block.  Embrace that obstacle and put yourself wholly into that mire.

Just as a writer uses techniques to create a story, I believe we can use those same tools as we create our real life. Those techniques and tools used to create the emotion of suspense, comedy and thrill, we too use for our life. Some professional writers may be better storytellers than amateurs, but none can compare to ourselves as the author, scriptwriter and main character in our own life!

“Life is a journey, not a destination”, said R.W. Emerson and that’s why it is important to embrace that obstruction and live through the strife of the block.  “This too shall pass” can be credited to many sources, however I choose to credit Ekhart Tolle. He explains whether it’s a positive experience or negative block, that it too shall pass.  So rejoice in the moment and clear that obstacle or live in that happy space  because it will pass and the creative and life energies will begin anew.


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