Back to the Gym

images@tinybuddha: “Strength shows not only in the ability to persist, but in the ability to start over.” ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

2013 marked the year that I decided to make a change for the better. That change included exercise, weight loss and a commitment to life.  The exercise came in the form of running, my eldest child was working out for her freshman year fast pitch softball team.

I told her that I’d like to train with her because I needed the workout, and it would give us the opportunity to spend some quality time together.   My first run was so embarrasing as I could not even make it to the end of a city block, yet I remained relentless. My goal was to prove to my daughter the power of not giving up, not quiting and keeping your eye on the prize.

In the early spring this training had led to our competing in a 5k race together, that alone was reward enough and worth the effort and work!  It also led to my completing of the 2013 Chicago Marathon.

Somewhere along the way I earned runners knee in my right knee. It wasn’t fist clenching painful toUnknown-1 casual use, but it would make me wince if stepping onto a high curb or going to quickly down the stairs.

So, I babied my knee over the winter and when in the Spring of 2014, I began to run anew with my quest for exercise and freedom. When running, I find it to be beneficial not only for physical exercise, it helps to shed emotional fatigue. I can solve mine and the worlds problems with a good run.

Anyways, I began an ambitious training regiment that only infuriated my runners knee. As much as I tried to exersize my way through it, I couldn’t resolve the pain.

By the fall of 2015, I had tried my best to stay active, but the knee was uncooperative. My doctor had prescribed physical therapy as a recourse and saving an arthroscopic solution as an only option.

The good news was that the PT seemed to work and strengthen my knee. It also showed me that my hips were weak and it was forcing me knee to pick up the slack, hence causing the pain. I was so glad to know it wasn’t a miniscus tear or worse!

Now, as the fall weather begins to turn for the frightful, I have reluctantly joined my local LA Fitness gym. Reluctant only because I prefer outdoor exercise, but I got a great deal and only plan on staying a member till the warmth of spring appears. The club benefits include cross training with free weights, stationary bikes, Zumba, yoga, Pilates, swimming pool and a sauna.


Today was the first day, and it was intentionally easy, just some stretching and the sauna.  I put myself on a schedule that will require adjusting my sleep habits, but the benefits will be great to this shift working man.

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