Thankfulness on a Rainy Day

It was gray, cloudy, rainy and thunder could be heard nearby. My bed was warm, the house was quite and everything was alright.  I’d slept till around 10 o’clock in the radar-from-last-night

morning when I had to make several decisions, including would I get out of bed, and if so; Why?  Would it be to return that box of DirectTV receivers to the post office?  What about starting my 10k running program at the gym?

As I lay in bed wondering what to do, I thought perhaps this was some type of test from my higher power.  Well if it was, would I be up to the tasks at hand?  Could I satisfy this motivational test and provide my inner self and higher power accordingly?

I arose and went to the kitchen to warm the coffee that my family enjoyed earlier, read the headlines of the morning newspaper from my iPhone app, and then the decisions came back.

“Hi, this is your higher power, how’s your morning?  The coffee?  The headlines?  …about that box that needs mailing, you know you could hit the gym on the way back too?”


UnknownDamn. So, I get my gym bag, load the box into the car and drive to the post office.

Thankfulness number 1, I arrived safely.  Then bonus, absolutely no one in the post office. Just the clerk behind the counter and myself. I was in and out in less than one minute.

Alright, I’m acing this test!  Now, there’s no excuse to not hit the gym!

Thankfulness number 2, I arrived safely.  The gym parking lot is packed, it’s still raining and I could easily go home, but wait, a spot is open at the end of the overhang.  This overhang will give me cover from the rain to the gym door. So, I park the car.


I’m thinking that since its early in the New Year, the gym will be packed with zillions ofnew members. The machines will be full, the locker room full and the gym will be wet and dirty from the cold rain.  I enter the gym, swipe my card at the desk turn the corner and wallah, thankfulness number 3!  The gym is wide open, the machines are free and the floor is not wet from members coming in from the rain.

I put my bag in a locker, do some stretching and some light weights before my training BT220NC-thumb-300x300regimented treadmill. Another bonus, I forgot my headphones and was surprised the obnoxious workout music wasn’t over modulated or blaring out of the speakers overhead.

Afterwards, I cool down, grab my bag and go home. Load the dishwasher, rotate the laundry, and grab a shower. I’ve about 20 minutes before my inbound commuter train arrives at the station, so I bring in the trash cans from yesterday’s garbage collection and head to the station.

I parked on the outbound side so when I return in the evening, my car is right there. I placed my daily permit placard on the windshield, locked the doors and walked around the station to the depot door.

I remember that I’ve to buy a few parking passes for later in the week. As, I reach into my pocket to pull out my wallet, I discover there is no wallet.

My train is 10 minutes away, I’ve no wallet which means no money, no monthly train pass, and no ID.

Hastily I collect my bags and run to the car, can I beat the trains imminent arrival?  Will I be forced to drive to work?  Can I make it back in time?  Will I have to park in a handicap spot to catch the train?  Will the train be late like it is everyday, except today?

Unknown-1My adventure was fast, furious and I felt as illegal as Judas Priest “Breaking the Law“!  Not stopping at the stop sign for three seconds was my first violation, exceeding the legal speed limit was number two, violation three occurred as I left the car engine idling without an operator!  I ran into the house searching feverishly for my wallet in my abandoned gym bag in the corner of my bedroom. Having retrieved my wallet and sprinting into my unattended idling car like a batman and robin episode, I again exceeded the speed limit on my return to the depot.  The clock on the car dashboard allotted me three minutes to park, and get into the depot.

I was able to re-park in my spot and then sprint across the wet grass without falling, just as the headlight of the train could be seen through the rain.

Wet, desheveled and sweaty, I made the train as if nothing happened. I hope that my higher power enjoyed watching my “Truman Show” moment, and as Ringo Starr said,

Unknown-2“I hope I passed the audition”.

…and you know it don’t come easy.”


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