Spring is in the air

Daylight Savings Time means spring forward.  It also means early school programs, late school programs, no sleep, less sleep, dark and saggy eyes…Sleep deprivation is to sleepstageshift workers as the early bird is to the worm.  Now withstanding the loss of an hour behind me, I’ve adjusted-ish.  I do really enjoy the change of seasons and all that it brings.

The full spring slumber is still cool enough to keep my comforter on the bed, and I can crack the windows for glorious fresh air.  It’s delightful, just like the animals frolicking in the woods after awakening from a long winters nap.

Sometimes, before climbing into bed I turn of the heat, crack the window and wrap myself into my comforter before the Suns morning rays pry against my eyelids. Being asleep for five hours is some damn fine sleep my friend, and it’s worth it too. Unfortunately, there is a seasonal downturn, and that is man and his quest for the ultimate yard.  I’m talking mowers and blowers at 7:55am.

755In know it’s 7:55am, because that’s when I crawl like a bear out from my manmade comforter den and focus upon those blurry numbers, and they read 7:55.

Perhaps I’ve garnered enough sleep to function throughout the day, but I’d really enjoy some additional sleep. I’m cocooned, the windows ajar, the air is crisp and clean, the sun is warm and bright, lovely sleeping.  It’s the damn mowers and blowers from the mowblowneighborhood echoing and reverberating throughout my ear canal, making it impossible to continue my slumber.

So again, my body and sleep habits must be reconfigured to conform to the new season and the change it brings.  Soon enough, spring will give way to the dog days of summer, and to the autumnal chill of fall.  At least then the equinox will provide me extra slumber when I fall back. fallback

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