Me Time

“Me” time is more important than physical health. That’s my simple statement that could have experts debating for years.

I find in my world that using the #toilet is about as much “me” time as I’m going to get some days.

This last full weekend of summer in beautiful #Chicago I found myself spending an IMG_1584
afternoon at Montrose Harbor. Everyone I saw was practicing some type of physical #me #time behavior through #bicycling, #running, #walking a dog, #boating and even #fishing.

It’s been a brutal last two weeks with the sudden #loss of a close relative, then another loss of a previous coworker, plus the personal, familial, and business relationships needing attention.

Then me, and I digress.  This post is about #impromptu me time and a #cooler.

I remember making coolers out of paper bags and going to the beach or a friends high rise pool. They required attention to every detail, including the plastic bag from the package store.  While these coolers are now available for seven cents and up because of Chicago’s bag tax, they are still quite viable.

Although I remember paper bags being better stronger, and sturdier; it could be just another benchmark of my age.

I would place my beverages into the paper bag and fold the top down, the way my IMG_1583#grandmother (God rest her soul) taught me, so as to not get a paper cut. I would then place the paper bag into the plastic bag, add the ice, #whalaah today.  As you can see by the picture, I forgot a few steps and things didn’t go so well.

Thankfully, I was under a shady spot, using a park bench IMG_1586dedicated in the memory of a brave #cancer fighter, #Robert Chalupnik, next to the water and could still salvage my afternoon.

An #afternoon of “me”.  Albeit shared with my #fisherwoman wife, IMG_1587the City of Chicago and the entire Forever Open Free and Clear lakefront of the Worlds Greatest City.


Me time.

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