Government Cannot Be Run as a Business

Why a Businessman Cannot Govern.

I theorize that Government Cannot be Run as a Business.

As of the 2016 United States Presidential election I cannot unsee or unhear what I’ve already seen and heard.

Bring Back Illinois was a precursor to MAGA

I don’t believe a businessman can be an effective politico or leader of my country.  In my home state of Illinois, businessman Bruce Rauner was elected governor in 2014 with a platform to get the state of Illinois debt under control

with pension reform and term limits.  While he won the election by a landslide, the Illinois legislature rebuked his platform and Illinois finances spiraled deeper into the abyss.  Without a budget for over one year, the government was unable to pay for programs that protect the most vulnerable of its citizens.

When a business entity runs into financial discourse, there are several options available to that business.  The business can can be sold, file bankruptcy protection, reorganize or close.  None of these options are available for a federal government.  The government is the safety net of our capitalistic society.  When a business fails, the government catches that entity and has laws to protect it and offers protection to the workers.  This is something that Republican President Donald Trump knew as four of his companies admittedly filed bankruptcy and received the governments protection.

When management threatens its workers, or a government quits on its citizens.

Even now in 2019, the United States has been shutdown for twenty-two days, the longest U.S. government closing in history.  Politicians should be working together to find a resolution as their constituents are burdened with their elected officials inability to compromise.  I suggest that this government shutdown is a business management tool known as a lockout.  We’ve seen this tool used by companies and organizations when management doesn’t get its way.  It happens mostly by businesses trying to bust unions including professional sports organizations.

Perhaps that’s what the current administration is really trying to do?  Busting the TSA could be privatized and someones political friends would stand to make a huge windfall gain?  Just saying.

This is why government cannot be run as a business.

An example of real Republican leadership.

My country and its government was founded on the premise of certain unalienable rights.  Granted, private industry is just that, private.  However, this country and its government is not private, it is public, of the people, by the people and for the people.  This government has the support of its citizens to preserve, protect and defend in its entirety the sanctity of our nation.  That is why we have government programs for the health, wealth and prosperity of our country to our people.  Social Security, unemployment insurance, food stamps and yes, even the affordable healthcare act are all government aid programs for the less fortunate.  With a government shutdown, or lockout, the government is no longer able to provide its most basic tenets.

If the leader of the free world is going to hold his breath until he gets his way, and his political party sits and watches, it only proves how shallow and narcissistic he and they really are.  I don’t doubt for one instance that those federal workers who have been impacted by this shutdown, or lockout are in support of a secure border.  As an American, I support a secure border too, I do not support the President using this lockout tactic to punish and hold my fellow citizens hostage.

Call your elected officials and let them know where you stand, and make sure to vote in every local, state and national election.

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