Mobile Blogging and Conversation

Today I’m writing this post on my cellphone as I am mobile. Usually I use my cellphone to consume content. However, today I’m going to use a theory based upon by social media influencer Ted Rubin. He recently stated on his Instagram that “We no longer have the luxury of removing ourselves from the content creation and conversation – we have to be active in it.”

So, using that statement as motivation, and as I am mobile today, I will create content and post to my blog using my cellphone, I find it awkward and more time consuming than my laptop. With more persistence and practice, my thumbs will master these tiny keys. I’m currently typing in the vertical position even though the horizontal position is easier to type, the screen does not readily present itself easily without some manipulation. I perhaps I’ll be able find a YouTube video taught by a third grader about how to rectify this situation.

I theorize that mobile creating and mobile consumption aren’t that different or difficult. All around I see people creating and consuming content via selfies and their favorite social media platforms.

I’ve always thought of my cellphone as a consumption instead of a creation device, however, that changes today. Creating and then posting a selfie or tweet takes very little time, as does consuming such content. Writing a blog post and jazzing it up with links, hashtags and keywords on a mobile device certainly is not ideal, I’d certainly prefer my laptop. This is not impossible, it’s new for me, and this post will be published as proof of concept.

If you are enjoying this post while you are mobile, I hope you’ll consider upping your creation game too. I’d like you to share your mobile content creation with me and the subscribers to this blog.

It’s not been as painful or difficult as it was five hundred words ago and now it’s ready to publish.

With this new year, get active with your content game from just liking or clicking a heart, and share yourself. Your emotions, feelings, trials and tribulations. Don’t be on the sidelines, join in the conversation.

Take whatever time you have between public transportation, Uber or carpooling to invest some thought into your status.

Wherever you are, there’s something happening that you have an opinion on, and so does someone else. Use social media to be social, even if it’s digital. It’s still an interaction, a conversation, and you have to be active in it.

Thank you for your time to read and contribute to this blog. Post your comments, share this post and take a chance to let yourself be.

Through this blog I am opening myself to unknown consumers and creators. I am joining in and being active in my creation and its consumption.

I hope you have a great day and I want to hear from you too!

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