The Waiting Room

We are at the Doctors Office this morning and I’m waiting. We’ve checked in with the receptionist and were told to sit and someone will be right with me. There are half a dozen other people here waiting, some are patients and others are presumably drivers, caregivers or loved ones. We are all waiting.

I’m aware that I’m waiting for more in life than my wife to return from the examination room. I’m waiting for what’s next in my life. I know what I think I want, and I think I know how to get there because it’s worked before, and I’m waiting.

I’ve done a lot of waiting in my life and sometimes it’s been easier than other times. Waiting for my turn at the Wrigley Field trough, waiting for my number to be called at the drivers license bureau and waiting for my children to be delivered at the expectant fathers waiting room.

Now I’m having to learn the patience to accept the waiting for what’s next in my life, in the life waiting room. In my Happy New Year Again post, I shared that I’m no longer working at my entrepreneur wife’s business and I’m waiting for my unemployment benefits checks to start arriving.

I’m writing and posting to my blog as I’m waiting for my subscribers numbers to grow so I can solicit sponsors. If you’re not already a subscriber, please subscribe and tell your friends too, thanks.

I’m wondering about all this waiting and when or how does it become action?

Just do it isn’t just an advertising slogan for a brand, there’s quite a bit of truth to it too. When my children have been on the couch for what seem like an eternity, and I ask why the dishwasher hasn’t been emptied or the laundry rotated, they’re standard reply is that they’re waiting.

Waiting for the commercial that never pops up on the Netflix season binge they’re watching, or they’re waiting for their siblings because it’s their turn to complete the job.

I tell them to just do it. Just pause the show and please just do it, do the job, complete the task.

Why do I have such difficulty using this approach in my everyday life? Just doing it, completing the task? What if I just empty the dishwasher myself so I can get on with what needs to be done? Does that make me a bad example of a father or leader?

No, it’s just the opposite. I’m showing my children that much like in life, don’t wait for what you want or need. Just do it. Just remove whatever obstacles are in your way so you can move forward and reach your goals.

Even if they’re your personal hindrances.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling it, so my blog post is sitting in my draft bin, waiting.

Today, I’m waiting yet I just did it. I recognized the irony of waiting in the waiting room and removed my obstacle of waiting and just did it.

What do you think?  Please post your comments and help us all with waiting.

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