Just Write

It’s kind of a late start for me this morning, and I’m feeling physically, emotionally and intellectually uncomfortable.  My search for a new job is creating feelings of angst and anxiety.  I know that everything will work out and everything will be okay, it’s still just that.

I’m writing this today and posting it to my blog because maybe you are in a similar position.

Whatever you’re looking for, whatever break you need or whatever you’re externally attempting to manifest from the universe, it may be causing similar feelings of stress.

My media career from college to present day has been driven by technological advances that create dynamic images and compelling stories.  That technology is also responsible for the elimination of mine and so many other jobs, careers and creativity.

One thing that my profession cannot do without, and that technology cannot replace, at least at this time, is writing.  The written word.  Without writing, there is no script.  No screenplay.  No novel.  No newspaper article.  No magazine.  I’m not sure what artificial intelligence robots will be capable of in the future, and as of right now, they cannot write.

I use my laptop to create scripts, articles blog posts and videos.  The technology allows me easily manipulate one finger after another on my full size qwerty keyboard, just like I learned in my high school typing class.  I use the computer, I am the master and the computer works for me.  It does what I tell it to do.  It spells the word the way I want it spelled, it then offers suggestions or offers to correct my spelling.

The stress I feel at this sentence is fear.  As I complete another certification for unemployment benefits, it is fear of not being able to provide for myself or my family as the job search continues.  Fear that my career path has reached a point where I may not continue to provide to my family.

So, today, I write.

To paraphrase step one of any twelve step program; I must remember that I am powerless over others, and yet my life is not unmanageable.

So, I write because if I can create a powerful written document that is good enough.  Yes, just good enough.  I must learn to accept good enough as the new benchmark, and that is not easy.

Good enough.

Good enough because anything else is a recipe for anxiety.  In my chosen profession, I’ve been taught that every sentence, every grammatical notation and every spelled word was to be correct.  The facts of a story were to be correct.  Every nuance of the written story or the visual story was to be correct.  Now, I’m learning a different strategy, a strategy for me to keep up with the millenniums, good enough.

I just need to create a script that is good enough to be rewritten.  That’s how my profession works.  Whether it’s a news story for television, radio or newspaper, whether it’s a movie script, an adaptation or a play, it just needs to be good enough.

My profession is built upon layers of jobs and people or technology.  Written words that need another writer to rewrite, and another editor to reedit a directors first cut of a program or movie.  My profession is built upon using another to fix whatever may or may not be needed to make it the desired finished product.

So, today, I’ve written, and this is good enough.


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