Monday March Madness

The first solid Monday of the month of March is a day of strategy.  For me, the month of March has always been a month of action, development, production and completion.  March is a lion.  March has always been a five week month for me, and that allows for things to be accomplished.  Even the name of the month denotes action, March.

The month of March was named for the Roman war god, Mars.  That’s how I see this month, it is a war of perseverance, it is a war of faith and it is a war of decisiveness.  That’s not exactly how see every month, it is how I see March.  I often use the coined term March madness, when setting out to reestablish and conquer my goals and new years resolutions.

FSBO or For Sale
Home Buying can be a real Lion too.

It was the end of the last millennium, in March, that we bought our first home for our expanding family.  I carried the battle flag of our family from open house to FSBO to open house, leaving no stone unturned until victory was ours.  It was that determination, focus and drive that brought us that accomplishment. Taxes aren't necessarily the Lions share.

It is in March of every year that I must submit to the undeniable stresses of the Internal Revenue Service.  I
must collect, organize and sort through digital, paper and napkin receipts to meet with my accountant who somehow makes sense of this represented taxpayer.

It is in March that I get to prognosticate my superior knowledge of NCAA basketball, of which I know nothing.

This year I’m conceding that it’s not only NCAA basketball I know nothing of, it’s how life will turn out too.

What if I put together a March madness bracket listing goals with my championship at the end?  Could I do that and would it really work?

I downloaded a free bracket template online, and what I learned was yes.  However, it is also impossible.  Impossible  because my life isn’t just a series of wins that can be treated as a basketball game.  I’m also playing football, soccer, handball, ultimate fighting, the masked singer and Gordon Ramsay is in my kitchen at the same time.  Those things just don’t play on a single bracket matchup.

I did learn that by writing my intentions and goals down, that I was able to physically see the multi-platforms of my life, and this was helpful.  As I turn to run into March, proudly carrying the colors of my world, knowing that “failure is not an option“, I’m more aware of my goals.  I’m more aware of my game plan, and I’m more aware of the many brackets required for ultimate success.

So bring it on!  Let me channel my inner god of war, because this is my life.  Combine the theories of Sun Tzu “Art of War”, with the voice of Billy Holiday “God Bless the Child”, with the powers of persuasion, empathy, trust and teamwork.  That is my synergy for this month.

This crazy month called March.

Statue of Roman god of war Mars, that identical to Ares in the Greek mythology.

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