New Years Resolutions checkin

I’ve officially entered the second quarter of 2019 and I need to be honest with you and myself, I’ve not quite stuck completely to my New Years resolutions. The one that is particularly bugging me is my lack of discipline to keep my blog regularly updated. I’ve written many drafts that I’ve not published because I’ve not finished them, or I’ve censored myself into believing they are unpublishable. So, to renew my blog publishing commitment to me and my readers, I’m going to do more rough publishing and less polished publishing. I hope that you’ll be patient with this transition and share your unpolished non self-critiqued works too.

New Years Eve in Jamaica

My other New Years resolutions included becoming more active.  Active with exercise and running, active with keeping up with my contacts, active by improving my social skills and networking. Truthfully, I’ve been relatively satisfied with these resolutions and my effort to commit to them.

Physically, I’ve committed to a twelve week training program through Hal Higdon for a half-marathon event in June 2019. Also, I’ve recently begun a 6 week Golf performance training program through my local park district. This program relies heavily upon yoga, which is so much more difficult than I originally anticipated. My body is sore from exercise walking, running and yoga. I think it is due to my winter sedimentary lifestyle, who am I kidding, it’s because of age.

Not quite “The Ballad of John and Yoko”, however, you know it ain’t easy

My resolution to be more active with my contacts, improving my social skills and networking has been more than satisfactory, yet can use additional effort as well. Thankfully due to email and social media I’ve been able to interact more regularly with my circle of influencers than traditional letter writing. Also, my social skills have been improving as I’ve forced myself out of my winter cocoon and found several meetup groups that seem to be specifically tailored to my current lifestyle, beer and writing.

Whether intentional or not, I do find my self easily distracted. I shared this thought with a writing meetup group and explained that if I had not attended their writing session, I would not have accomplished the five pages of dialogue I wrote if I stayed at home. I shared that I would have found ways to sabotage my time with coffee, potato chips or television. Getting out and joining them made me commit to myself to write. Joining them also made me feel good that I was not letting my team down, we commit to meet, we commit to write, and then we commit to share our verbal synopsis’s of our collected time. It’s a great feeling.

Chicago’s best place for writing on early Friday afternoon

I continue to struggle with allowing myself the time for other social engagements that occur during family hours as it indeed is just that, it’s family time. I’ll need to further think about how to properly teach my family about the healthy scheduling of personal, family and business time without getting out though.

Pounding the pavement, shaking hands and networking through via Chicagos O’Hare Airport

So, moving forward, I hope you’ve appreciated my honest resolutions checkin/checkup. Please share your first quarter goals and how you’ve recommitted or reinvigorated them for the second quarter of resolutions.

I’ve only gone back and proofread for spelling errors and then tightened up some, some of the grammatical errors. There’s more I could do, but this is my step in staying committed, uncensored, I’m going to add a few links and then publish.

Then I’ve got to get on with some other things on my list. Thanks for checking in and just keep moving forward.

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